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This is My Mom

This is My Mom

This is My Mom

This is my Mom, Linda.

I love this picture of her relaxing in Arizona. We spent a great deal of time there over the years and I have many wonderful memories of those trips. I love this picture because, like me, she hated having her picture taken and I simply do not have so many photos of her. She was never comfortable in front of the camera so this candid shot is very dear to me. Although I am no longer able to spend Mother’s Day with her, I want to celebrate her this year by sharing a bit of her style and things that brought her joy.

She had great sense of her own style and loved nice things. Not fancy things but things of good quality. Being one of the founders of Touch of Class, she taught me how to appreciate the craftsmanship of products and that spending a little more up front would save money over the long haul--I was always grateful for her advice. When I took over the business she loved to make suggestions of designers I should consider having in the store and items I should look at.

Nora Fleming

Nora Fleming caught her eye when I was getting ready to add a gift section to the store. She sent me a note before I left for market to be sure and take a look at her line. Nora was just starting out and I had to hunt to find her but boy, was my Mom right! Nora Fleming is one of the top gift lines in the store now. The line has grown over the years and I know my Mom would love the new wooden serving pieces.

Nora Fleming at Touch of Class in La Crosse Wisconsin

Simon Pearce

We also both share a love of Simon Pearce. Before we offered gifts in the store we would try to carve out some time when we were in New York for the apparel shows to go to his store on Park Avenue. We marveled at the simple beauty of his hand blown glass and on occasion would choose a piece to bring home. Being a wonderful gardener I think the Wellesley bud vase would suit her style perfectly.

Simon Pearce at Touch of Class in La Crosse Wisconsin

Annabel Ingall

Sometimes I will see a color that reminds me of her. Turquoise, coral, soft greens and browns are all colors she loved. Annabel Ingall is well known for the rainbow of colors she uses in her pebble grain leather goods. This hobo bag in the color rouge is absolutely something I can see in her wardrobe. Along with the Tilo scarf that really captures her color palette.

Annabel Ingall at Touch of Class in La Crosse Wisconsin


I wish my Mom had been able to meet DK and Narmata Kothari, the designers of the beautiful jewelry line Syna. Not only are they incredibly talented but they are gracious and kind as well. She would appreciate the simple design of this turquoise bracelet. Being one of her favorite stones I believe she would have worn this every day.

Syna at Touch of Class in La Crosse Wisconsin

Nic + Zoe

My Mom was a master packer while I was always, always an over packer. She could put together a fantastic mix and match wardrobe that would take her through days if not weeks of living out of a suitcase. This is a skill I continue to work on! Nic + Zoe was one of her go to brands because of all of the options it gave her.

Nic + Zoe at Touch of Class in La Crosse Wisconsin


The last thing I will leave you with are these sandals. I know it is crazy to think something as simple as a pair of sandals would conjure up memories of my Mom. But, you see, she had a difficult foot to fit. Finding sandals for a size 10 AAAA foot was not an easy task. When she discovered the Helen sandals from Mephisto could be adjusted to fit her narrow foot she was over the moon and I just know this would have been her pick of the season.

Mephisto at Touch of Class in La Crosse Wisconsin

My Mom was my best friend and my staunchest supporter. She loved me fiercely but was never afraid to tell me like it was when needed. I will always feel her loss very deeply but I am learning to celebrate her life and the woman she was. And I will always wonder how it was that I was so lucky that she was my Mom.

I hope you celebrate the wonderful woman that is your Mom this weekend.

Until next time,
Kim Pretasky
owner, Touch of Class

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